Innovation that energizes each excursion, E-rickshaw is the new life saver that assists individuals with voyaging more limited distances in lesser time. It likewise helps in giving occupation to numerous families. The E-rickshaw battery charger gives you turbocharging. It holds the charge of the battery for extended periods, which helps cover additional miles.

E-Rickshaw runs in electrical energy given by hard core re-chargeable battery bank. E-Rickshaw is Eco-friendly, quiet and having extremely low running expense. Battery driven E-Rickshaw has become exceptionally famous in India and it is quick supplanting petroleum/diesel or CNG driven Auto-cart. Different sorts of Batteries are utilized in these E-vehicles, which are having their individual charging trademark and remove point.


Battery charging is a confounded and delicate electro-compound cycle. Nature of charging is generally vital to the presentation and life of battery. e-Genesis™ SMPS based – E-Rickshaw Battery Charger is CPU based multistage, speedy and careful pure DC Battery Charger for C10 type batteries. They are exceptionally proficient and dependable and intended for ideal harmony among charging and releasing, along these lines improving the life and execution of the battery. Purchasers can secure impeccably designed and gathered E-Rickshaw Battery Charger at moderate costs, from us. Designed as far as industry principles, the chargers are proficient and upgrade the presentation and life of the battery.


Aside from their 'battery cart', their monetary difficulties are the other normal element between every one of them. There are various limits fixing down the functional proficiency of e-carts. The 'customary battery' which is at the center of these vehicles and powers them out and about, is likewise the justification for why the e-rickshaw drivers in a real sense work vehicles with in-fabricated insufficiencies.

Weighty ordinary batteries get completely energized in around 10 hours and are exorbitant. An e-rickshaw driver needs to purchase costly new batteries once in like clockwork. The batteries get totally released in the wake of employing a normal of 80 km prompting a restricted scope of activity and income age for the vehicle drivers. E-carts are not given satisfactory charging foundation and need to work inside the area of their charging stations or homes. When the battery charges it is the finish of the work day for the e-rickshaw driver.

A significant advantage is that the batteries weigh less than 30 kg. The trading system takes around 2 minutes and the batteries are given on a day by day lease to each trade done. The solid battery innovation conveys proficiency and moderateness. In the regular situation of a proper battery, all functional expenses are borne by the cart proprietor. Nonetheless, with battery trading, the expense of possession is diminished and the proprietor simply needs to pay INR 200 as rental for each trade.

With the emphasis on manageability and green tech, e-carts are simply going to fill in prominence and inclusion across India as a reasonable method of last-mile availability. The benefits of Li-molecule batteries at present being recognized by a consistently expanding number of clients, they will after a short time be taken on by a gigantic section of the e-cart neighbourhood.

100 Watt EV Charger Manufacturers in Chennai

Sustainability helps drive the electric vehicle (EV) market forward; however, there are aspects of EV transportation that still have room to grow more sustainable. In comes smart charging: Through open network communication between vehicles, charging stations and energy suppliers, the EV industry can continue to reduce its impact on energy resources.

200 Watt EV Charger Manufacturers in Chennai

The term smart charging for EVs is multifaceted, but all aspects of the definition boil down to energy consumption. The ultimate goal of smart charging is to optimize energy usage while charging electric vehicles. To achieve this goal, smart charging relies on digital communication with the EV itself, the charging station and the energy supplier; the exchange of data is what earns this type of charging its “smart” title.

300 Watt EV Charger Manufacturers in Chennai

To fully acknowledge the importance of smart charging for EVs, it helps to compare it to “dumb charging.” Consider plugging in your cell phone: While it can communicate to you its charge level, the phone is not communicating with the power grid and the charging implement to adapt its power usage. It draws the same amount of power (whatever the charger is capable of) until the phone is charged.

500 Watt EV Charger Manufacturers in Chennai

Now consider EVs: While they are a more sustainable mode of transportation while operating on the road, the industry goal is to maximize EV sustainability. EVs contain large batteries that require frequent charging for frequent use. If station owners and EV drivers relied exclusively on “dumb charging,” there would be a significant toll on the power grid at peak times, as well as a decrease in cost effectiveness.

720 Watt EV Charger Manufacturers in Chennai

Smart charging optimizes energy consumption to help solve the problems brought on by power grid congestion and power usage peaks. This benefits everyone from EV drivers to station owners by giving agency over how and when electricity is used.

1000 Watt EV Charger Manufacturers in Chennai

Smart charging can only exist in its current form thanks to a crucial agreement: Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). Though OCPP is the industry standard for charging stations, not all charging networks are created equal. Because vehicles, charging stations and energy suppliers need to exchange information in order to intelligently charge, they must have the ability to communicate with each other. OCPP not only allows drivers the freedom of interoperability, but these open networks empower and expedite smart charging solutions.

100 Watt EV Bicycle Charger Manufacturers in Chennai

EV drivers often seek smart charging due to the control it offers. It removes the burden of choosing when to physically plug in the vehicle (as in “dumb charging”) and allows the user to define the time and amount of charge they want via their network. Labeled User Managed Charging (UMC), this type of smart charging only requires information to flow one direction: from the user to the charging station to the energy supplier.

120 Watt DC to DC Converter for EV Charger Manufacturers in Chennai

One of the main benefits of smart charging is that it is simply more economical. The ability to control the charge time and amount leads to control over the total cost of operating an EV. Additionally, smart charging simplifies the charging experience for EV drivers, allowing drivers to set it and forget it. Finally, drivers can feel secure in their decision to drive a sustainable vehicle due to smart charging’s adaptive power consumption.

240 Watt DC to DC Converter for EV Charger Manufacturers in Chennai

While EV drivers undoubtedly benefit from smart charging, charging station owners can use it to maximize the potential of their networks. The brilliance in smart charging for station owners is that, due to OCPP, it is always adaptable and updatable. This type of smart charging is called Supplier Managed Charging (SMC), which means that the exchange of information must flow in both directions (between the vehicle, the station and the energy supplier). Basically, if the grid is facing increased burden, or there is a surplus of drivers seeking a charge, the supplier needs to be able to adapt on the fly.